Sailor Senshi Maker 3.0

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Sailor Senshi Maker 3.0:

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The third manifestation of the great Sailor Senshi Maker 3.0 has been conveyed to you by an eager, fan-driven, swarm subsidizing effort, initiated by windsting. You can, as usual, make your very own young lady sailor senshi characters, with more choices than any time in recent memory, yet in addition MALE senshi and pets!

This amusement contains the full senshi fuku set, with every one of the embellishments. There are unlimited hairdos and cosmetics, just as all the adornments for all sailor shapes. Manga, Super, Eternal.. make your most loved characters in the entirety of their manifestations, and afterward make yourself in your very own outfit! At that point, pair your sailor scouts with their kid partners, including both an exemplary sexual orientation twisted variant of the outfit, just as the exceptionally tasteful “sailor” male understanding made celebrated by Drachea Rannak. You can likewise include cute pets, and make endless characters and spot them in a scene!